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Research Projects

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Blue Origin

Autonomous Navigation, Control and Decision-Making for Rendezvous, Proximity Operations, and Docking

The proposed research effort intends to accelerate, and revolutionize Blue Origin’s capabilities in Autonomous Rendezvous, Proximity Operations and Docking (RPOD) and, more broadly, in AI-based Autonomy and GNC for next-generation spacecraft.

Redwire Space

Robust Vision-Based Navigation about Unknown Resident Space Objects

The proposed research aims to develop Machine Learning (ML), computer vision, and estimation algorithms to enable autonomous shape characterization of and navigation about an unknown, non-cooperative Resident Space Object (RSO). The proposed technology will support future In-orbit Servicing And Manufacturing (ISAM) and Active Debris Removal (ADR) missions, to name a few, which require rendezvous and proximity operations about non-cooperative, potentially unknown RSOs.